1. ~Mama’s avatar

    Beautiful! What a find.

  2. Penny’s avatar

    Love the heron and the textures of the tree. I don’t think I have seen a heron in a tree before, always just by the water. Great catch!

  3. Emma’s avatar

    Wow, that’s brilliant!

  4. debcw’s avatar

    I was quite surprised to find it in a tree, and to be able to get within feet of them. There were a few at Harewood House Leeds, I have never seen them so tame!

  5. MuddynoSugar’s avatar

    Wow – what a great shot

  6. Nic's Notebook’s avatar

    Yeah, you were so lucky to be able to capture this! Lovely :)

  7. Crystal Jigsaw’s avatar

    These are beautiful looking birds, we have a couple on our pond.

    CJ xx

  8. CherishedByMe’s avatar

    Wow, what a great photo! :)

  9. bubbleboo’s avatar

    How beautiful! I don’t think I’ve ever seen one :)

  10. Baby Genie’s avatar

    Wow what a brilliant picture!

  11. Aly’s avatar

    Doesn’t it look very majestic and the leaves are so
    pretty.Fab find!

  12. Julie - Kailexness’s avatar

    Eeeek! Oh dear, the Heron is not a Koi keepers friend….
    (they are beautiful though….)

  13. debcw’s avatar

    Oh my! I am sure they are not a friend if you keep Koi. This particular one lives on a country estate.