Kevin Campbell-Wright

Campaigner and Organiser

I believe in change.  Positive, progressive change that makes society fair and productive for everyone and everything on the planet.

My Local Manifesto:

  • DSC_0125We need a community that thrives;  this means funding for local services and activities so everyone can enjoy them.  It means good, safe, sustainable public transport and connectivity to make sure everyone can access what they need to.
  • We need clean, green spaces for everyone to enjoy.  We need to meet the challenges of housing and infrastructure without damaging this space.
  • Safe communities rely on people looking out for each other; this doesn’t just mean watching out for criminals but supporting those in needs and trying to address the problems that lead to anti social behaviour.  Youth services, safe places, green spaces and inclusion in community activities help this.

There are many ways I try to get involved:

  • In 2015 I stood as a local councillor for The Green Party.
  • I’m secretary of the group trying to save Haworth Community Centre
  • I’m a school parent governor at Oxenhope CoE Primary School